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What services do I offer?

For most of my projects, I am a one-stop shop. I discuss your project with you, so I understand what kind of data you need to manage. Then I will build a web app that does what you need.We take care of everything relating to the hosting of your app online (access for authorized users, security, backups). If you are using other online services (for example, Dropbox, Gmail or G Suite apps, Slack and others), if it's appropriate, we will connect the app we built for you to these other services so you have an integrated workspace.We continue to work on the app as your project progresses and maintain it when things slow down. In the end, when you are ready, we close down the app and provide you with a data dump for your archives.Soup to nuts, as the old saying put it.Back

Do I work for law firms only?Most of my current clients are law firms. But not all. One of my current clients is a preschool in Houston — a perfect client for a low-code solution.In the past, I've worked on systems for universities in the US and Europe; medical providers; one of the most widely watched television shows in the UK; major newspapers and alternative newsweeklies; incentive travel agencies; and many more. I have also provided technical assistance to several major (international) software companies.Back

What kind of law firms have I worked with?My first client and case-management systems were built (long time ago) for small practices doing mainly medical malpractice and municipal defense.But since before 2010, most of my clients have been firms doing mass tort litigation -- the kinds of cases that involve a fair amount of data.I have also worked with criminal defense firms in Texas.Back

PrivacyWIlliam Porter Technology's privacy policy is pretty simple.William Porter Technology will not sell or share any info stored in the apps that we host for our clients. We won't share your data. We won't share your name or contact info. And we will take appropriate efforts to prevent this info from being stolen. WE RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF OUR CLIENTS AND THE PRIVACY OF OUR CLIENTS' CLIENTS AND WILL DO EVERYTHING WE FEEL WE NEED TO DO TO KEEP PRIVATE THAT WHICH SHOULD BE PRIVATE.This commitment extends not just to our active clients but to prospective clients and past clients as well.If you have questions about this policy, contact us.Back